In the summer of 2015, I asked a multi-hundred millionaire the cliche question, “What would you tell your 20 year old self if you could go back in time?” His response was simple yet shocking: “Start reading relevant books.” I wanted to follow his advice, but the problem was that I was 19 years old, wanted to emulate his success, but resented books. There was a certain stigma to books–book reports, fiction that I wasn’t interested in, and my hyperactivity made it especially hard to sit down and read.

Nonetheless, I highly respected this person and found it fascinating that he attributed his success to reading books. It was nothing like I’ve heard before. I later expressed my interest in business and asked him what book he recommended. His response became the first book I read from front to back in years. Alas, I too discovered the secrets hidden between book covers. I soon found myself reading books instead of going out to parties with my friends, which even I found weird. But each book I read taught me so much and improved my life exponentially, so I couldn’t help it. It’s now 2017, and after two years, I look back on all the books I read and find the value indispensable.

I began recommending some of the best books to my friends and even bought them copies, but the problem was time. Most people don’t make reading a priority. And that’s understandable-we’re all in different stages in our lives and have a hundred other things we have to focus on.

Through Book Prince, I will share book summaries and outlines. In doing so, I hope to share the important principles each book has to offer, while turning the many hours it takes to learn from a book into a much more manageable time.  This way, you too can gain the knowledge, while being efficient in learning real-world tips and tricks through the best books. The books I read tend to focus on “self-help,” business, and entrepreneurship.

Look around and please let me know if there’s a particular book you’d like to have outlined. Enjoy.